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Girls can skate and make video!
The dark slide of the moon is our first skateboarding video finally we did it... after years of talking about it! 




Pictures of everyday's life.
Pictures of movie set.
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Art Work

Because drawing is the easiest way to express yourself.


curriculum vitae

Occupation and Practical Experiences:

  • Video Assistant for Tv-Spot Sky News
    Production: Louka Film Company
    Director: John Grint
    DOP: Ben Magahy
  • Video Assistant for Tv-Spot "L'idée de génie" Groupama Auto
    Production: Whyus
    Director: Arnaud Roussel
    DOP: Nicolas Massart
  • Video Assistant for Tv-Spot Guy Cotten
    Production: Wanda Productions
  • 2013
    • Editing Assistant for the Web-magazine of the Tv-show «Plus belle la vie»
      Production: France Television
    • Video assistant for tv-spot «French chef’s wellies» Knorr
      Director: Adrian Moat
      DOP: Jan Richter Friis
    • Video assistant for Addidas Tv-spot
      Production: Jake Prod
    • Video assistant for the Tv-Spot «Back from provence» Persil
      Director: Ivo Mostertman
      DOP : Thiemo Sander
      Production: Cactus Film
    • Video assistant for the Bmw Tv-spot „Noisette“
      Director: Lino Russel
      DOP: Maher Maleh
      Production: Shark Prod
    • Video assistant for the TV Spot „Mama’s sauce“ Calvé
      Director: Carl le Blond
      DOP: Steve Downer
      Production: Kanzaman
    • OPV Camera Assistant for the TV Spot Heineken "The Kick" in Nice
      Director: Steve Cope
      DOP: Barry Ackroyd
    • 2nd Camera Assistant for "Hornbach" TV Spot in Berlin
      Director: Mathias Schoeningh
      DOP: Niko Baikousis
    • 2012
      • Camera Assistant for the movie „Player“ (5 Weeks)
        Director: Thomas Villum Jensen
        DOP: Sebastian Blenkov
      • Hostess for Film France in Festival de Cannes
      • Production Assistant for the Film Zig Zag Kid from Vincent Bal (Holland)
      • Hostess for Pathé Movies in Nice ( 4 Month)
      • Projectionist in Festival de Cannes
        Manager for Actors and Actress
      • TV Spot for „3“ Telecomunication: Camera Assistant
      • Three TV-Spot for the German Magasin
        Production coordination
      • Production coordination for 3 Tv-Spot (1 Month)
        Kunden: German Magazin CHATTER
      • Internship as Projectionist in Cannes Film Festival
      • Regie Assitant: Short film „Kick down“
        Director: Olivier Egli
      • Internship at Cheese and Chocolate (Visual Production)
      • Internship for Regie Assistant for „Fliegende Fische“
        Director: Güzin Kar. Production Company: Vega Film
      • Internet TV Journalist for the Nissan Outdoor Games, Interlaken (1Week)
        Videoreports for the all event.
      • Internship at EQAL Visual Production AG in Zürich (1 Month)
        Office work and Postproduction


  • I can easly work with PC or Mac
  • I Have a really good knowledge of the following computer program: Microsoft Word, Excel,Power Point, Outlook, Adobe photoshop, In desgin, Final Cut Pro
  • Reliability, Creativity, Punctuality are at the top of my list. Passion and enthusiasm helps me get threw the hardest task.
  • Transparency and partnership to colleagues in co-operation is really important to me.

School and Studies:

2010 - 2012
  • ESRA (Film School) Nice
  • Preparatory year in the Zürich University of the Arts (Zurich)
Juli 2007
  • Baccalauréat in Litteratur stream in Lycée Massena (Nice)
2004 - 2007
  • High School in Litteratur Stream in Lycée Massena (Nice)
2001 - 2004
  • Jean Cocteau (Nice)

About Me

Birth date:
  • 31/12/1989
Spoken Language:
  • English, French, German
A few words:
  • I've been trying to find my way in the movies world since i was 15 years old. Years after years my curiosity brought me to photography and drawing. I try to express myself with different possibilities, but moving images keeps being the thing that express the most feelings. I grew up in the skateboarding and snowboarding way of life and moving images is the best way to transmit what i love the most. I'm now a part of an Art Crew called The Suzzies we skate make video tattoo and paint the World we are living in...Enjoy the ride!