About me



About me

About me

Language: English, French, German (Fluently spoken)
Driving licence
Nationality: French and Swiss
Birthdate: 31/12/1989


«PLAYER» : Video Assistant / Nice 2012 (Dir: Thomas Villum Jensen / Dop: Sebastian Blenkov)
«HERO» : French Unit 2nd Camera Assitant / SOuth of France 2015 ( Dir: Masayuki Suzuki / Dop: Christophe Graillot)
«ZIGZAG KID» : Production Assistant / South of France 2012 (Dir: Vincent Bal / Dop: walther Vanden Enden)
«FLIEGENDE FISCHE» : Regie Assistant 2009 / Zurich (Dir: Guzin Kaar / Dop: Benjamin Dernbecher)


«SECTION DE RECHERCHE»: Video Assistant / Grasse 2014-15 ( Prod: Auteurs et Associés)
«NO-LIMIT»: 2nd Unit second camera Assistant / Marseille 2014 (Prod: Europacorp)


«LE MAL DU CITRON»: 2nd Camera Assistant / South of France (Dir: K.Schiltknecht/ Dop: Leo Lefevre)
«KICKDOWN»: regie Assistant / Zurich 2009 ( Dir: Olivier Egli )


KRONENBOURG: 2nd Camera Assistant / 2015 Monte-Carlo (Dir: Ivan Zacharias / Dop: Jan Velicky)
NIKON: Video Assistant / 2015 Marseille (Dir: Davil Holm / Dop: Mark Patten)
SKY-NEWS: Video Assistant / 2014 Marseille (Dir: John Grint / Dop: Ben Magahy)
L’OREAL: Video Assitant / Nice 2014 (Prod: Shark Prod Monaco)
GROUPAMAMA AUTO: Video Assistant / 2014 Marseille (Dir: Arnaud Roussel / Dop: Nicolas Massart)
MORGAN: 2nd Camera Assistant / 2014 Marseille (Prod: Kanzaman)
KNORR: «French Chef’s Wellies» Video Assistant / Nice 2013 (Dir: Adrian Moat / Dop: Jan Richter)
ADIDDAS: Video Assistant / Monaco 2013 (Prod: Jake Prod)
PERSIL: «Back from Provence» / South of France 2013 (Dir: Ivo Mostertman / Dop: Thiemo Sander)
BMW: «Noisette» Video Assistant / Monaco 2013 (Dir: Lino Russel / Dop: Maher Maleh)
CAVE «Mama’s sauce» Video Assistant / Provence 2013 (Dir: Carl le Blond / Dop: Steve Downer)
HEINEKEN: «The Kick» Video Assistant / Procvence 2013 (Dir: Steve Cope / Dop: Barry Accroyd)
HORNBACH: 2nd Camera Assistant / Berlin 2013 (Dir: Mathias Schoeningh / Dop: Niko Baikousis)


2010-2012: ESRA (Film School) Nice
2008: Preparatory year in the Zürich University of the Arts (Zurich)
July 2007: Bachelor in Litteratur stream in Lycée Massena (Nice)


I‘m used to work with the following record system: Aja ki pro, Pix, Gemini, Q-take and Wireless systems on the following cameras Alexa and Red.
I can easly work with PC or Mac and i have a really good knowledge of the following computer program: Microsoft Word, Excel,Power Point, Outlook, Adobe photoshop, In desgin, Final Cut Pro...

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